Saturday, February 26, 2011

Holiday Show

Landon did a Holiday Show and did so good! It was very cute. 

Alyssa did one too, except I was unaware that she was having one until she was already at school. Pink is a Christmas color right? Oh well. It's just pre-school. She was definitely into her songs and was one of the loudest ones. Not shy like me at all :) 

Annual North Pole Trip

I forgot to post about our Annual trip to the North Pole (aka Irvine Park). My kids look forward to it every year and it's always a lot of fun with Grandma & Grandpa, Aunt Haylee, Aunt Melissa, Uncle Drew and their 3 cousins. One day we will get Uncle Seth & Aunt Holly to join us. Jack didn't love Santa so much, but the other kids made sure to tell him what they wanted for Christmas. 

The reason I've been so busy

I feel like I've been running around like crazy lately and it's because of these 3 crazies! Landon started Basketball & Baseball the same week. So let's just say I'm driving around to Practices & Games all week now. He loves it though. Couldn't be any happier. (sorry for the blury picture) 

This little girl is just crazy! I can't handle all the drama that comes with a little 3 year old girl. It's just too much sometimes! I think I'm happy with 1 girl :) 

And this little boy is my busiest by FAR. Every time I turn around he's on top of a table, my counters or getting hurt outside. He loves him some fruit loops as you can see. Apparently I don't feed him enough! And I think this is why he fell asleep on my floor the other morning at 10AM. He just wears himself out with all the trouble he gets himself into. Jack is the little brother you didn't want. He is always bugging the other kids, turning off the tv, the Wii and sitting in the middle of whatever they are doing. He knows exactly what he is doing too and he loves it!

Day after Christmas

The next day was spent at my parents house so we could all be there together. Grandma and Grandpa of course gave the best presents. Alyssa a Barbie Escalade, Jack a fire truck, and Landon got a basketball hoop (no pictures because we had to put it together) 

Christmas Finally

Yes we did have Christmas at our house! I have just been SUPER busy and feel like my life isn't going to slow down anytime soon. Here is Christmas Morning at our house. We invited my parents and sister over in the morning to open presents. 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thanksgiving in Big Bear

This year for Thanksgiving my  parents wanted to rent a cabin in Big Bear. So we went up Wednesday and stayed until Sunday. Lucky for us it snowed and the kids had so much fun! We found a hill we could walk to and bought some sleds and the kids couldn't get enough of going down the hill. It was too cute! And they loved the big bath tub :) 

Jack turns 1!

Back in October Jack turned 1 and we had a small family birthday party for him at the park across from our house. It was pretty mellow and he enjoyed his yummy cake :) 

Monday, October 18, 2010

Disney World

First night of our trip! The kids were exhausted after a red eye flight and getting settled in the first day! 

First park was Magic Kingdom! 

The kids didn't know who Pinnochio was, but why not get a picture? 

Of course we needed some Pirate Mickey Ears! 


Daisy Duck (in the rain) 

It rained often...and hard! 

Waiting for the parade! 

Landon couldn't handle it...he fell asleep. 
They loved the parade...even Jack! 


On Landon's Birthday we let the kids dress up and walk around the Magic Kingdom as a Princess and a Pirate. They loved every second of it! Here is Alyssa getting ready to be Ariel. 

They even do their hair, make-up and nails. She was so excited! 

And they take pictures for you! 

Daddy joined in a little too...Landon loved ALL the attention he got that day with his Birthday Button and being all dressed up as a Pirate! 

We ate at this great place called Chef Mickey's. It's actually in one of the hotels in DisneyWorld. Each character comes to your table and Alyssa really came to life each time one would come by. She was so excited for them to sign her book :) 

Alyssa finally got to meet Ariel. She loved that they were dressed alike! 

That night we did some swimming at the hotel for Landon's Birthday...Ordered Pizza Hut (since they had one AT the Hotel and I made Magic Cookie Bars (by request) for his "cake". 

We ventured to Gator Land one day to check out all the Gators. 

Alyssa didn't mind sitting on an alligator...but Landon sure did. My mother-in-law has that picture, so I'll have to post it later! Frank wanted a turn too of course! 

I took this picture because the alligator behind Alyssa is white! I asked if it was an albino alligator and they said no. Some different one that I can't remember now! 

Epcot! Definitely worth seeing once if your lifetime. 

Alyssa just woke up from a nap in the stroller, so she wasn't so happy. She wouldn't even take a picture with Jasmine & Aladdin or Belle...:( So Landon had too! 

Animal Kingdom! This park was fun. Kids loved it! 

Hollywood Studios! They had a big "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" Playground. They didn't want to leave! 

Block Party Parade at Hollywood Studios! 

Back to Magic Kingdom for some more rides! 

Back to Hollywood Studios to get in line for the Toy Story Ride. The 1st day we came here All the fast passes were gone and the wait was like 70 min. So we decided to come back super early in the morning and be the 1st ones in. Ya well I guess some other people had the same idea. Gates open at 9am and everyone rushes for this ride. We did get on fast and it was a pretty sweet 3D ride. We went 3 times. 

We got to eat lunch with Cinderella in her castle. Since Alyssa loved Chef Mickey's so much we tried to get a reservation for lunch somewhere with all the Princesses. This place is usually booked 1 year in advance. Crazy! Well I kept calling and randomly they had an opening on the last day we were going to be there. So we got in! 

This last one is Jack on Tom Sawyer's Island. The place he could crawl around as much as he wanted to. I don't think he loves the stroller or car seat after this trip!